Gerardo Mendoza & Michael Hill

We (Michael & Gerardo) are both from humble class families in the U.S. & Mexico. We have spent the last 20 years as Field Operations Telecommunications Professionals both living & working in various Latin America cities & countries. Traveling, we have been provided 1st hand knowledge of the multitude of communities, where the children lack both their basics physical needs, and in turn, the ability to dream about a sustainable future. As parents, we could not imagine our own children in these circumstances and have often found that by ‘Just doing it, and donating’ our time/effort/….. We have changed a life & planted a seed of Happiness! We recognized that being able to dream was indispensable in our childhood and know that without those dreams and that happiness, we would not have built international business careers. Our goal has been twofold, as we have wanted to make sure our daughters see how fortunate they are in our US community, and how easy & rewarding it can be to giving someone else the ability to dream! Donate to help launch Projects that build and rehabilitate faith and hope, in children. We know that the 1st step to striving to become a Professional is being afforded the opportunity to Envision & Dream!

Mariana Rovira

Professional, wife and mother of two girls is a major pillar in what we planned and achieved in Kind For Kids. Via Mariana we calibrate ideas and put them into action locally to soon have the opportunity to implement regionally with a minimum of effort and greater efficiency and success.



Our children have much more than the basics in life and without them realizing it, day by day they have the fortune to happily explore and execute their dreams; And We, offer the protection and guidance among the options in life.

For this enviadable and precious once in a life time situation does not go unnoticed by them, a vital motivation for us is to engage immediately (early on) in the objectives and tasks we have in Kind For Kids and also recognize how fortunate we are and have the maximum fortune in life, which is the gift to help, give and share with those without.

We are involving them already in this precious opportunity called Kind For Kids!"