Project 1 – St. Ann’s Anglican Primary School
June 10, 2010
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Project 2- Anglican Church Schools of Belize


2015 – Belize

Anglican Church Schools of Belize

Incredible but true! Despite the reality of having extremely hectic & dynamic professional careers and demanding family lives, full of laughter, health and joy from 2010 to 2015, the fire ignite by that minor gesture of providing food trays in Belize, did not go out! The gift we received from those kids left us with lots of love and determination, to continue to look for new ways to give back. For our second project we embarked on our first ever coordinated effort, to comply with at least one of our ABCs pillars or areas of support to those that are in need: Access to basics – Clothing!!!

“Our kids (Alexandra and Sofia) and the Imagine Weston Charter school coordinated a 60 days donation drive at the school premises aimed at collecting: “School uniforms, Soccer and Baseball goods and apparel”.
• Uniforms (Jerseys, shorts, skirts, socks, hats, shoes)
• Gear (shin guards, cleats, balls, bats, gloves, catcher’s set, helmets)
• Practice/Training & field accessories (screens and training aids), etc…”

The result was an impressive grand total of more than 600 items collected worth of 260 pounds in 5 boxes, being shipped to Belize.
These items will come handy when our kids in Belize, go to school or participate in friendly Baseball and/or Soccer games with their classmates. The Basics – Clothing!!!

“We envision to continue our partnership with the Imagine Charter School at Weston in supporting twice a year donation drives to make this possible.
(Our very very special thanks to Martha Daza to whom we owe a great deal of success of our drive at school)”
Also, our partnership with the Lince Solutions that made possible the creation of our web site!
Last but not less important, our partnership with Nokia who is contributing with the financial funds to cover the logistics and shipping from USA to Belize.


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